A pharmaceutical client wanted an easy-to-use suite of reports for their Siemens Simatic PCS7 Process Control System.  The PCS7 is being used to run their Compounding Skid.


PCS7 is part of the Siemens automation platform.  Its integrated architecture is based on selected Siemens hardware and software components and acts as a Distributed Control System (DCS).  Our client had selected PCS7 for their Compounding Skid, instead of a PLC/HMI system, because it provides more process control.


Our client wanted simple and concise historical reports which are phase specific.


The customer is happy with the results of their new comprehensive reporting system.  Their reports are now:

• Concise and simple

• Specific to each phase of their process

• Providing all relevant data

• Easy to view

• Easy to understand

• Easy to file


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The Compounding Skid’s system was already validated and operational.  Our work focused on the information system, not the process or control systems, in order to avoid re-validation.


Most, but not all, of the process data from the Siemens Simatic PCS7 Process Control System was already being collected at the enterprise level.  It was available in a SQL database.


Our Senior System Engineer, Tom Crofton was responsible for ensuring that the SQL database was, in fact, collecting all of the relevant data needed for the client’s reports.  He then wrote the SQL programming to generate the simplified phase-specific history reports.  These reports are critical so that our client can ensure compliance with FDA requirements.


Primary System’s contributions included:

• Batch report specifications which defined

• Data logging specifics

• Report definition

• Operator interface

• Programming for the PCS7 and the SQL reports

• Testing to verify functionality and support validation

• Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

• Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) on-site with client’s personnel

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