A pharmaceutical client needed an environmental monitoring data system.   Data collected from multiple distant facilities included:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Differential Pressure Readings

The system needed to log, report and track up to 120 inputs in each of their storage areas.


Our client wanted to fulfill the FDA requirements while being sensitive to implementation costs.  The FDA requirements on electronic data collection cover:

  • Manufacturing

  • Processing

  • Packaging

  • Storing

  • Record keeping

These requirements ensure the trustworthiness and security of both the pharmaceutical product and the data regarding it.


We recommended a SCADA and database interface, Inductive Automation’s Ignition® with an unlimited user license.  Ignition is a web-based application platform.  Primary Systems Inc. also provided:


  • Pre-installation design

  • New Allen-Bradley PLCs

  • Programming

  • Testing and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

  • On-site Commissioning and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing)


The results surpassed  our client’s objectives.  The environmental monitoring data system:

  • Experienced zero downtime during the migration process.

  • Provides historical data, alarms and audit trail information.  It is accessible by an unlimited number of viewers via the client’s intranet.

  • Includes an integrated alarming system.  The staff receives email and mobile messages based on established alarm levels, including a pre-alarm warning. The pre-alarm warnings have minimized the number of FDA-reportable alarms.

  • Is easily expandable.  The client can easily add new hardware (sensors, communications and I/O).  The client has already expanded their inputs to include external temperature, dust collection and electrical generators.


Finally, the data system Is accessible for remote software support by Primary Systems Inc. This enables:


  1. Quick turnaround for changes and updates

  2.  Rapid troubleshooting, if needed


If monitoring and managing  your history and trending “big data” are a challenge, give us a call.


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