Ever want a particular unit for your process -- but the OEM software doesn't provide exactly what you need?


One of our clients uses Ekato mixers in their research and production processes.  Our client really likes Ekato mixers.  They also really like their GE control system.  Their objective was to use both - to improve quality through better temperature control and better mixer control.


Their process control system consists of GE PLCs and GE Cimplicity HMIs.  Their Ekato regional sales representative was aware of our experience with GE control system hardware and programming.  A match was made!


Ekato provided permission for PSI to make modifications to their mixer software to better accommodate our client's processes.  Ekato Systems mixers work well with GE PLCs, both model GE 90-30 as well as the new model GE RX3i.


We worked with our client to install 3 mixers, at different times in different locations.  In each installation, incremental changes were made to the software.  With the installation of the 4th mixer, our client decided to unify all of the previous changes in the newest unit.  PSI's engineers worked with our client to program and commission the system revisions.


PSI provided

• A review of the existing control system

• Programming changes to the PLC and HMI based on our client’s URS

• Pre-FAT inspection and I/O checks at Ekato’s factory in Germany

• FAT in Germany

• SAT on-site  at the Client’s US based facilities


Our client is thrilled with the improved quality during processing.  Better, more consistent quality has resulted in reducing batch reworks.  Additional integration of Ekato mixers and GE control systems are in the works.


We work closely with OEMs and machine builders to provide the modifications YOU need for YOUR system.  Interested? 

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