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What's YOUR role in Industry 4.0 & the Industrial Internet of Things?

We know that some of your organizations are planning for Industry 4.0 (Ind4.0) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  • How do you fit into your organization’s IIoT/Ind4.0 plans?

  • How does your position - Plant Manager, Production Manager, Process Engineer, Engineering Manager, Business Technology Manager, IT Manager or District/Regional Manager – play a role?


Here are two areas in which you can contribute:


1. Help define the data and analytics that will get the greatest return on investment (ROI).


Your management needs the data, from your plant or process, which will best help them make decisions about their KPI. Data collection at the server or cloud level will be necessary for full implementation of IIoT or Ind4.0.


First, propose a small-scale project with a limited scope as a test. Focus on a goal – such as consistent quality, increase capacity/decrease downtime or decrease energy consumption – and explain to management how the results can be scalable.

Your test may include some of the same data needed to improve a broader goal, your OEE.  For the test, data collection could occur at a local junction, referred to as an edge gateway or local server.  This minimizes cyber-security risk and present a familiar environment for IT. Edge computing or a local server acts as triage for data. The data you need is available locally.  Only that data which enterprise needs to go past the edge gateway.

Do not forget that using the collected data – analysis, application and ROI -- is a critical part of your test.

2. Identify your current process infrastructure and compare that with your assessments on data collection and analytics.

It is a popular idea that every bit of data from every piece of equipment will supply important information for Ind4.0/IIoT.  Most OEMs are advertising their IIoT-ready equipment or “smart” connectible assets.

We have seen that it pays to be cautious about data overload.  You already know the sources of the most relevant data. Nevertheless, both you and the organization must be constructive in determining how much information is “good enough”.

Primary Systems Inc. can assist you by:

  • Defining a small-scale project

  • Assessing your current process infrastructure

  • Recommending appropriate changes, upgrades and improvements in your process infrastructure that enable you to collect the relevant data

  • Providing reporting for your analytical analyses

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