Have you automated your processes with

your compliance and safety systems?

It is a big job to ensure compliance.

Compliance with government safety regulations and industry standards. 

Whether your concerns are Safety, Environmental, Health or Quality, we can help.

  • Air quality

  • Water quality

  • Energy conservation

  • Wastewater

  • Waste management

  • Special hazard environments

  • Monitoring

  • Explosion prevention and safety 

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery 


We have experience in

  • Processing Control Safety

  • Machine Control Safety

  • Machine Control System Layout

  • Data Collection

  • Data Management

Water conservation / Waste Management -- Safety as a primary concern

Pipe Leak.jpg

Our Client wanted to control the damage and production loss if a water or sewer pipe burst. 

Their finished control system provided the control and protection they wanted.  It included

  • Level and limit switches

  • Programming which shut down the pipe valves

  • The addition of a HMI and beacon switch for improved information

  • A “warm” backup PLC

Hazard Environment / Air Quality / Monitoring -- Safety as a primary concern

Emergency Exhaust system.jpg

Our Client needed an improved automatic emergency gas exhaust system to protect their staff from a hazardous gas release.

Their finished emergency exhaust system included

  • Additional gas sensors in three separate manufacturing areas for the identification of any dangerous gas condition

  • Logic and programming for exhausting dangerous gases, with the sequence moving from very localized to more general, based on input from the new air quality sensors

  • Improved alarm notification and automation for turning off the exhaust fans when the alarm condition no longer exist

Facility Design and Operation

Occupational Safety as a by-product of improving quality      

Occupational Hazard.jpg

In order to achieve quicker and higher quality production, our Client decided to automate the controls for their mixing system.  They identified the need for an improved pumping system and an easy-to-use operator interface.

However, they also identified potential occupational safety issues due to manual “make-shift” solutions.

Their finished control system achieved the goal of improved quality and full automation in the compounding rooms.  Upgraded pumps and additional PLCs improved information flow and control.

Most importantly, they eliminated physical obstacles that potentially could have created occupationally hazardous conditions.  Improving quality can lead to a safer and healthier work-place environment.

SHEQ, Chic or Sheik

However you pronounce it, please let us know if we can help you ensure compliance.