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We know legacy control systems.


We know our customers.


We know that most of our customers with legacy control systems have migration plans.


But what happens when bad things happen to good plans?


Your planning process considers risks.  One big risk is that your system doesn’t know (and doesn't care) what's in your migration plan.


"Stuff" can happen between planning and implementation.


How can you anticipate and prepare for system failure during your migration process?  By letting PSI provide you with a head start.


What can we do to help? In advance of the migration roll-out, PSI can provide:


• Cost Estimates


• For budgetary purposes

• Quote for your purchase order


• Timing Estimates


• Design only

• Total project

• Requirements for installation downtime


• A Head Start


• Gain a 2 to 8 week head start on your development and installation by having us deliver your control system design early. (Head start time is dependent on the size of the control system.)


• Gain even more of a head start by having us work on the development of the system, up to the FAT or installation.


Should you have a failure, we are ready to provide support consistent with your migration plan.


Whenever you are ready to implement your migration plan, we'll be ready as well.


No migration plan in place? Don’t wait for a control system failure to develop one.


Need help?  Let us know.


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