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Inductive Automation Ignition® Premier Integrator

We are an Inductive Automation Ignition® Premier Integrator.


Premier certification recognizes --


• our in-depth knowledge of Ignition

• our depth of experience and the quality of our work with Ignition

• our commitment to creating 100% satisfied end-users

• our commitment to Ignition


Ignition is a web-based industrial automation software platform.  Its server-centric architecture supports interoperability standards among SCADA vendors.


Our clients have had great success in using Ignition to achieve their goals in



• HMI software

• Alarm and Building Management

• Historian | Data Acquisition | Reporting

• IIot and Edge Computing


Here are some examples of PSI projects in which our clients have used Ignition.


Multiple Station HMIs


Many clients have used Ignition as their HMI software.  A single software license allows operators to interface on several HMIs concurrently.  This has proven to be a cost-effective way to increase oversight and improve controls.


Industry 4.0


IIoT and Industry 4.0 projects involve collecting a lot of process data.  One client needed to collect from diverse machines on multiple lines.  We recommended Ignition to collect plant floor data before processing it to their Edge Gateways.  The single software license allows them to do this cost effectively.

Utility Monitoring


One client made a global commitment to reduce their environmental footprint.  The first step to minimizing their impact was to measure resource utilization.  Ignition is being used for


• Utility Monitoring of

o Water consumption

o Electricity

o Compressed Air

o Renewable Solar Energy

• Data Logging and Reporting

Environmental Monitoring


The FDA requires extensive reporting requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers.  One of those requirements is to track and report on warehousing and storage conditions.  PSI used Ignition to create a monitoring system.  Our client is collecting data from multiple warehouses. They can provide reporting on temperature, humidity and air pressure (DP).

Serialization and Anti-Diversion Systems


As part of their supply chain management system, one client used Ignition in a Serialization application.  Our client can now track the distribution of their high-end consumer packaged goods.  From production line to retail outlet, our client knows that their product is not diverted to unauthorized retail outlets.

Tanker Truck Refill Monitoring


One client wanted to

• Automate the tanker truck refill data

• Reduce the amount of time their drivers spent obtaining tanker truck refills.


The success from the initial project led to a roll-out to more than 35 refill sites. Data from all refill transactions is captured in one database, under a single license and installation of Ignition. This has resulted in quicker turnarounds, more accurate data reporting and improved profitability.


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