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Disaster Recovery Services for

Programmable Plant Floor Devices

In our professional lives, we need to consider events which could adversely affect our operations.


Are you prepared for flooding?  Fires?  Explosions? Electrical spikes? Cyber security attacks?


The bottom line is that MOST manufacturing plants do not have sufficient disaster prevention and recovery plans in place.


• Have you identified disasters which can cripple your operations?

• Do you have a plan to recover from a control system disaster?

• Do you know who is responsible for recovery at your plant?

• Do you know the needed steps to get running again?

• Do you know where your spare or replacements parts list is?

• Who would you go to for restart help?


Our Disaster Recovery Services covers four areas:

Our Evaluation Service will help you define what the potential risks are from different types of disasters.  In addition, we will help you determine what damage would cost your operation:


• Loss of sales or of product

• Loss of faith by your customers

• Loss of equipment and the cost of replacement

• Loss of personnel


Our Prevention Service will assess your options to minimize the impact of the disaster.  If you have multiple facilities, redundancy between plants may help protect your operations.


Our Mitigation Planning Service help you develop a strategic action plan to prepare your site to deal with a disaster in the best possible way.  Options to consider include:


• Redundancies of parts inventories, hardware and programs

so that you can get back up and running in case of downtime

• Spare and replacement parts inventories

• Review and re-evaluate spare parts annually

• Off-site storage of designs, BOM, coding and program set up for HMIs and PLCs

• “Cold” backups (off-line, database backup)

• Written procedures for replacing hardware in case it gets destroyed

• Assigned responsibilities for disaster recovery


o Your manufacturing site

o A control systems integrator

o Other critical contractors

o Your IT Department

o Your Purchasing Department

o Your Insurance Company

o Phone #s

o Parts #s


Pre-disaster, we can make an inventory of all programmable plant floor devices, their operating systems, the manufacturer, part numbers, and software and firmware versions.  Programming backups can be stored at your site as well as at ours.


Programmable plant floor devices can include but are not limited to:


• HMIs

• PC drives


• VFDs

• Servos

• limit switches

• safety relays

• programmable cams

• transmitters

• temperature controllers

• databases


You’ve evaluated your risks, prevented what you could and prepared a mitigation plan.  Imagine now that a disaster has occurred and you have to restart operations.  Post disaster, our Recovery Service will help you implement that Mitigation Plan.


• Assemble your team, both internal staff and external suppliers,

such as your control integrator.

• Determine your actual damages.

• Start rebuilding as per your mitigation plan.

• Don’t delay or procrastinate.  Start your recovery quickly and efficiently.

• Keep communications open with all of those assigned

with disaster recovery responsibilities.

• Keep calm.  Understand that your recovery is not likely to proceed exactly as planned.

• Be flexible enough for contingency plans.


Don’t be one of those manufacturers with an insufficient disaster recovery plan.

Our Disaster Recovery Service can help you minimize:


• Downtime

• Damage

• Lost Profits

• Disruption to Employees


Not sure which of your plant floor devices are programmable?

Call or email us to set up an appointment.



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