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Agitated by Agitators?


The Challenge


A cosmetics manufacturer was able to determine that the speed of agitation in their batch tanks was not consistent nor predictable.


Our client was dissatisfied with their batch accuracy as well as batch precision.  Both issues were contributing to batches which were inconsistent and sometimes unmarketable.


We were called in for advice on improving their speed control system.


Our Contributions


We recommended and installed a PROFIBUS network, resulting in more accurate and consistent communications between the PLCs and VFDs.


We installed new Yaskawa open loop vector VFDs for tighter speed control.


We upgraded the existing Allen Bradley VFDs, where compatible, with Allen Bradley 20-COMM-P communication cards.


The Results


Our client experienced positive results immediately.  Improvements in product consistency and quantity of output meant less time spent on reworks and an improved ability to meet tight delivery schedules.


Less waste meant that the facility had become more "green".


Better control over their batch mixing speeds was immediately recognized by the chemists in the QC department.  Speed variances of +/-10% were now reduced to +/-0.5% -- a 20 fold improvement.


Agitators giving you agitation?  Concerned that your process controls are not optimized?  Give us a call.



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